bad cyclist. oyster enthusiast. leica tragic. son. father. husband. uncle. confused. yet sure. instagram addict. time traveller. raised on national geographic and mad magazines in a small place in the antipodes a long way from everything and anything which explains something if you know it and nothing if you don’t. photon wrangler. look at the pictures. all this is bullshit. elämä is living. the machines are learning. will they be happy when they find out? my first 10,000 pictures are my worst. photographers are writers, singers and actors who don’t write, sing or act. i think we want you to react, think and feel. i could be wrong. go and make your own. thank you bill for making it clear we can do whatever the fuck we want. all that you need to see is to look. learn by doing. autodidactism makes a mess but it’s my mess. the observer effect is real. i’m not here unless you look at this. you know it’s the invisible we walk through everyday, right?