Last week in the asylum.

Next week I move, so social media will no longer peg me as residing at Callan Park, the long abandoned asylum across the road. Thank god social media can’t geotag your state of mind.

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Some Ilford PAN 100. Sometimes when a film is too cheap to be true it just may be…but, there’s something about film, even if showing it to you requires me to scan it, turning it into a digital image after all. Damned if you do I guess. Also some of the last Fuji Neopan 400 in captivity. Once a worthy adversary to Tri-X, with Fuji’s signature fine grain and sharpness. I’m not the photographer to do the old girl justice, I feel sometimes I need to be a little more circumspect when shooting film. Digital habits are hard to shake & unhelpful in the analog world.

So…Rozelle, which has some relics of an industrial and gritty age hiding in it’s corners. Belmore Park immediately north of Sydney’s not-so-grand Central station during a May Day protest, and Manly, the ferry, a trip across the harbour, the emerald jewel and keeper of a thousand secrets. Pyrmont too & St.Kilda.

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this is not a review…

I sold one camera and bought another. Poor eyesight, the difficulty of accurately manually focusing in poor light where I often like to play and the limited ISO of the much loved, but compromised M9-P lead me to sell it. The debate that surrounds Leica is not one I care for, they’re brilliant to use and the lenses are superb, when it comes to the tool you use, it’s a personal choice that no-one ever has to justify. The number of the great photographers that use Hasselblad or Leica speaks to the fact that they are quite simply superbly made tools. I have an M3 and for shooting 35mm black and white I can think of nothing that is more pleasurable to use. But the new camera…well, I would be amazed if anyone looking at the images could tell be what it was, what lens I use, from the images alone…I find it hard to distinguish them & I took them! My aim this year was simply to shoot where I am and the responsiveness along with the speed of autofocus and superb high ISO is allowing me to drive deeper into the territory I want to travel towards, and that is enough for me.

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American film.

In late 2013 I travelled through the US. Shot a lot of film, a lot of it was colour, Kodak Portra, Fuji Velvia, Kodak E100G. A lot gets written about film, I don’t know that I can add to any of that other than to say I like doing it, I like the way it looks. This is the result.

zine v1.0

Sorting out around 10 shots for my contribution to our collectives first zine. Challenging. It’s interesting when you sort out your shots on a table and start to see the patterns and the groups. Things you see over and over. Sometimes unaware that a particular thing keeps catching you.

Some patterns I saw…


200 185 142 85


175 90 86 56 Frames.

187 167 158 156Fringe dwellers.

144 141 13415Somethings I can’t explain…I just like the way it looks.

198 149 138 60And body parts…

176 137 130 81


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