Bobby’s driving through the city tonight

JZ-3436Through the lights

JZ-2662In a hot new rent a car

JZ-3246He joins the lover in his heavy machine

JZ-1290It’s a scene down on Sunset Boulevard

JZ-1902Johnny’s taking care of things for awhile

JZ-0220And his style is so right for troubadours

JZ-5416They got him sitting with his back to the door

JZ-4984Now he won’t be my fast gun anymore

JZ-1096Moving on is a chance that you take every time

JZ-8950You try to stay together

JZ-7061Say a word out of line and you find

JZ-6738That the friends you had are gone

JZ-6710Forever, forever

JZ-6672So many faces in and out of my life

JZ-6556Some will last, some will just be now and then

JZ-1038968Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes

JZ-1036266I’m afraid it’s time for goodbye again

JZ-1032443Say goodbye to Hollywood

JZ-1032993Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1031696Say goodbye to Hollywood

JZ-1022689Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1003059Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1018347Say goodbye my baby

JZ-Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1040551Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1032491Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1015184Say goodbye my baby

JZ-700Say goodbye my baby

JZ-002So 2018.

All on film.

No digital.

No manipulation.

Just learn how to take a picture. Mostly monochrome. Ilford Pan F 50 & Kodak Tri-X. Maybe some Portra or Cinestill. One M3. One Zeiss Sonnar 50mm. No posts until 2019.

Just live, shoot, occasionally develop.

Cross my fingers and hope I have taken 12 good pictures, stealing from Ansel Adams, a good harvest.

And this is my last blog ’til then, with some I am fond of.

So goodbye again.