July. Winter is nearly gone.



Happy feet.


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Moving house.

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26th Feb.

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Sunday 19th. Manifesto, Cate Blanchett. The woman is amazing. Five Bells and a walk around the harbour’s edge.


Saturday 11th February. The top of Tower Two, International Towers, Barangaroo, water, ribbons, a Japanese chef…

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Feb 4th 2017.

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Jan 29th. Sydney. Manly. Rozelle. Speakers Corner, Chinese New Year . . . that new way of shooting turned out to be a Fuji X.

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Jan 6th 2017, a Friday. Swam a kilometre, rode 30, didn’t drown but close. On Jan 3rd I put my son and his girl on a plane home, never fun. Showered. Shopped. Little actions of the everyday.

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Jan 2nd 2017. Forgot SD card as I walked out the door. Visited the MCA with TomKat, extraordinary visuals that I can’t do justice to.

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Jan 1st 2017. This year I’ll be 46. My wife lives in New York, my son in Perth, mother and one sister in Sydney, another sister I’m slowly getting to know, in Victoria. My father is dead. The rest of my family and friends are scattered across the globe. This is a travelator and bubbles, a gallery and a park, a tunnel, train station and a beach.

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