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careful with that axe eugene.

I still love that song. Pink Floyd live at Pompeii looked to me to be the most fun you could have with LSD, a gong & a disused ancient Roman amphitheatre and even if it was all over by the time I was born, it still works for me. So does the 1958 50mm Summicron that now sits on my M3. It stunned me when it arrived, it really has almost no outward signs of use, bar the faintest of what are known as ‘cleaning marks’, left behind on a relatively soft lens coating by decades of care rather than neglect.

Rigid test-4481

It moves like it rolled out of Wetzlar yesterday, the aperture ring snaps like a new Summ…actually it surpasses the Summicron I had for a couple of years (now safely back at home with the good Dr I ‘bought’ it from, and who bought it back). None of this should surprise; if a Leica lens has been cared for it will outlast any custodian, these things really do outlast any of us so even the concept of ownership seems a little out of place.

Rigid test-4482

I wouldn’t have a clue how to do a technical review, but in order to get a feel for it I had it on the front of a Fuji X Pro 2 via a Fuji M to X adapter. The film shooting has started but nothing is developed yet. These shots here are Fuji raw, AKA “.RAF”, files, some treated with a VSCO pre-set, some worked through Silverefex Pro, and some just .RAF’s tweaked a little (30 seconds is about my limit for mucking around in post). In effect a 75mm on this APS-C sized (16mmx24mm) sensor, while this means the images are a ‘cut-out’ of the possible capture this full frame lens can deliver, it gives a great chance to sample something of the character it possesses.

It’s still sharp. This reputedly tested with the greatest resolving power of any 50mm lens after it’s release and having had the chance to own 50mm fast Nikons, the trinity of f2.8 Nikons, Zeiss Biogons & Planars, Hasselblad (also made by Zeiss) CF T* lenses, a Fuji 645 GZi and Fuji’s own 23mm f1.4, this lens is stunning when you consider it was designed in the 1950′s. Elvis was just making his name. Sputnik was as advanced as space exploration had got, QEII was only just coronated, the Beatles were still the Quarrymen and Pink Floyd were still in short pants.

Here’s what I saw when I got into the files on Lightroom.

Rigid test-4151

Rigid test-4146

Rigid test--8

Rigid test-4205

Rigid test-4456

Rigid test-4195 Rigid test-4187 Rigid test--7 Rigid test-4182 Rigid test-4400 Rigid test-4394 Rigid test--6 Rigid test-4375 Rigid test-4373 Rigid test-4255 Rigid test-4342 Rigid test-4244 Rigid test--4 Rigid test-4225 Rigid test--3 Rigid test-4301 Rigid test-4284 Rigid test-4274 Rigid test-

ten years gone

While a decade in and of itself has little meaning, it’s a satisfying number to reflect upon. 2018 will see the distillation of a decade into a projection slideshow exhibit for 2019.

‘ten years gone’ will simply be the story I was in. And then it’ll be on to the next ten…

These shots are some of what happened between 2008 & 2012.

2009-1713 2009-1792 2009-2413 2009-2471 2009-1229 2009-2446 2009-2806 2009-3243 2009-3317 2009-2656 2009-2729 2009-3699 2009-3855 2009-3785 2009-3761 2009-3915 2009-4016 2009-4132 2009-4390 2009- 2009-4676 2009-4982 2009-4713 2009-700-2 2009-700-3 2009-700-6 2009-700-5 2009-700-4 2009-700-8 2009-700-7 2010-700 2010-700-2 2010-700-3 2010-700-7 2010-700-8 2010-700-9 2010-700-10 2010-700-11 2010-9401 2011-700-4 2011-700-7 2011-700-9 2011-700-10 2011-700-11 2012-700-4 2012-700-2 2012-700 2012-700-5 2012- 2012-700-8 2012-700-12 2012-700-14 2012-700-15 2012-700-22 2012-700-18 2012-700-23 2012-700-21 2012-700-10 2011-700-5 2011-700-2

hellos and goodbyes

Bobby’s driving through the city tonight

JZ-3436Through the lights

JZ-2662In a hot new rent a car

JZ-3246He joins the lover in his heavy machine

JZ-1290It’s a scene down on Sunset Boulevard

JZ-1902Johnny’s taking care of things for awhile

JZ-0220And his style is so right for troubadours

JZ-5416They got him sitting with his back to the door

JZ-4984Now he won’t be my fast gun anymore

JZ-1096Moving on is a chance that you take every time

JZ-8950You try to stay together

JZ-7061Say a word out of line and you find

JZ-6738That the friends you had are gone

JZ-6710Forever, forever

JZ-6672So many faces in and out of my life

JZ-6556Some will last, some will just be now and then

JZ-1038968Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes

JZ-1036266I’m afraid it’s time for goodbye again

JZ-1032443Say goodbye to Hollywood

JZ-1032993Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1031696Say goodbye to Hollywood

JZ-1022689Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1003059Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1018347Say goodbye my baby

JZ-Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1040551Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1032491Say goodbye my baby

JZ-1015184Say goodbye my baby

JZ-700Say goodbye my baby

JZ-002So 2018.

All on film.

No digital.

No manipulation.

Just learn how to take a picture. Mostly monochrome. Ilford Pan F 50 & Kodak Tri-X. Maybe some Portra or Cinestill. One M3. One Zeiss Sonnar 50mm. No posts until 2019.

Just live, shoot, occasionally develop.

Cross my fingers and hope I have taken 12 good pictures, stealing from Ansel Adams, a good harvest.

And this is my last blog ’til then, with some I am fond of.

So goodbye again.

on a whim & a prayer

A weekend spent on a whim south of Sydney. Spooky old hotels, nation building infrastructure, a giant poo and the sublime beauty of avionics.


wd-3915 wd-3918 wd-3912 wd-3908 wd-3889 wd-3863 wd- wd-3869 wd-3849 wd-3844 wd-3833 wd-3837 wd-3823 wd-3820 wd-3801 wd-3789 wd-3797 wd-3761 wd-3769 wd-3764 wd-3736 wd-3694 wd-3689


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