Last year I got around to sorting through all the pictures I took in monochrome, and determining the 100 that I liked the most in about 3 weeks. This year…well…it’s June. Next year could be worse.

A limited print run of 1 – nothing like exclusivity to drive the price up! Which is actually true, any discount I could get from printing more than 1 is not going to be available to me.

This is a selection of them. It was a good year. I think.

top 100-1043755 top 100-1042636 top 100-1040942 top 100-1040147 top 100-1038699 top 100-1038504 top 100-1037124 top 100--3 top 100-1035721 top 100-1035140 top 100--2 top 100-1031947 top 100-1029944 top 100-1028733 top 100-1028271 top 100-1026482 top 100-1025845 top 100-1025064 top 100- top 100-1024521